“What is One Ilfracombe?”

One Ilfracombe is a company limited by guarantee set up to help improve the lives of people living in Ilfracombe. The company is made up of partner agencies and independent members, working alongside each other to deliver services in a better and more joined up way.


“How does One Ilfracombe work?”

One Ilfracombe recognises that there is often a disconnect between local public services and the communities they deliver to.   

In recognition that these local service providers, as partners of One Ilfracombe, are an intrinsic element of the local community, they work alongside residents, business owners and local organisations to deliver projects that continue to benefit everyone in the community.

With such a wide range of issues and ideas on how best to make this happen, since 2013, One Ilfracombe has been delivering through 3 unique themes:



“Who are One Ilfracombe?”

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