One Ilfracombe recognises that the cost of living crisis is affecting many people – those already in poverty, those just about making ends meet and other vulnerable groups. There is currently a ‘perfect storm’ brewing for people across the board: the increase in energy costs, rising rental costs, spiralling debt and the more difficult to describe but nevertheless tangible effects of the stress of not knowing if you can make ends meet for yourself and your loved ones.

Following on from the successful stakeholders meeting, with the support of the local community warm spaces have been established across Ilfracombe where people can be assued of a safe, warm, non judgemental and friendly environment in which to enjoy refreshments, social activity, information and advice in the company of other people.

The Ilfracombe Warm Welcome schedule will commence from 1st November.


This website also hosts a new section containing cost of living help and advice which has been broken down into 7 key areas with each of the key areas containing details of advice, local information and local services relevant to Ilfracombe and the surrounding areas. It also includes National and Regional advice, information and services.

If you have any additional information or an offer of support relevant to Ilfracombe please e-mail

The content on these pages is constantly being updated so please check back and keep an eye on both Ilfracombe Town Council and One Ilfracombe social media for local updates.