Important information from our partners at Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

There are many products advertised as cost-effective heating methods to keep warm. We want to tell you about the potential fire risks of mini heaters and some important safety advice if you or your family or friends are using them. 


Illegal and dangerous plug-in mini heaters (pictured) have recently come onto online marketplaces. Some of these models are using counterfeit fuses that could cause a fire risk. Please be extremely careful when buying any electrical item over the internet. We recommend not to buy them.

Safety tips

  • Be aware of counterfeit and poor-quality products online.
  • Always buy products with a British Standard and CE Mark 
  • Do not put bags or shopping near heaters.
  • Be mindful of which socket you plug heaters into (not too close to soft furnishings).
  • Position them high up (away from pets and children).
  • Do not leave unattended and always switch off at night.

Do you know about our home fire safety visit service?

The Fire Service offer FREE home fire safety visits to help make everyone safer.

These visits can be booked via the One Ilfracombe Community Connector

Call 0800 0502 999 to book direct or online at